What is the cloud really ?

The traditional view of IT today is greatly influenced by the increasing mobility of information systems users, social networking boom as well as the phenomenon of Big Data. We are now witnessing a similar situation as a few years ago, when the IT world started to be penetrated by virtualization the entire professional public was discussingcloud-485399_640  these technologies intensively, many professional conferences and seminars were dealing  with these issues, sales representatives were offering comprehensive solutions based on these technologies, but  in this period  no one  was able to carry out   successfully such a solution and implement it on a professional level. The technology had to be mature and carrying out the commercially successful project was possible only after a certain time. At the present time the virtualization technology is quite common not only in the data centre environment, but with the individual  users on personal computers.

What exactly is the cloud? It is a technology? It is a service? A new business model?  A new IT philosophy?  Outsourcing of IT resources?  A new form of access to corporate IT?

It is not that easy to give a definite answer to these questions,   but  what can be declared  for certain is that cloud technology has been finding  its stable place in the IT world. More courageous claim that this is the development trend in the IT industry as a whole. Cloud can be characterized simply as an access and provision of services, applications and programs placed on Internet sites around the world.

 The user can join these services and applications from virtually anywhere in the world through internet and through client applications or a web browser. Almost all computer users have met the basic cloud functionality.  After all, who, nowadays, does not have an e-mail account with one of the largest Internet service providers, such as Google, Yahoo or Microsoft? And, as a matter of fact, the operation and management of e-mail accounts with remote access  of clients to this service is basically a cloud service.