Our offer

The security and the privacy of shared information represents an important issue of  IT worldwide. This applies to documents, emails, photos, etc., shortly to any digital content that is moving  in the Cyberspace.  We are confronted daily with news about the disclosure of information by breaking through the security barriers, „hacking“ private mailboxes and disturbance of control systems in industrial sectors. Thus we all begin to feel  that on every step there  is a danger, that there is always someone trying to hack into our private space and that we are continually monitored by Big Brother.

Bond2And, at the same time, at work you need confidentiality and privacy, your documents and information may often contain data that should not fall into wrong hands. You can take action and take measures to eliminate the risk of data leakage as much as possible. We are offering you solutions tailored to your needs so that you can always have control of what, to whom and how you send data and so that you can be sure that your data and information will be delivered to the address specified by you.

We are also offering an introduction into the cloud computing and explanation the issue from different points of view. Since we are neither an operator or a provider of cloud services we have no preferred cloud partners. We are able to help you find better solutions objectively and this is our advantage.

We would like to outline the whole scale of cloud issues and to show you that in this field we are „on the ground“ and not „in the clouds“.