A bit of history

From the point of view of the cloud-based technology development this concept does notibm.7090 represent such a revolutionary innovation. The 60ies and 70ies were dominated by mainframes which, in a modified form, survive to these days. The concept of mainframes  was based on sharing huge (at that time) amount computing resources by many users simultaneously. Mainframes were large, energy-intensive and demanding professional skilled personnel, but in that period it was almost the only available technical means for mass data processing. The only access to the central processing system was  throughsmep unintelligent terminal, while  the distant access  was provided  by the modem connection  through commonly available telephone lines. Running programs took place almost exclusively in batch mode and real-time applications were the privilege of academic, research or army communities. Yet this platform contained the seeds of today’s cloud-based technology, for example, when at the turn of the 60ies and 70ies, IBM has developed and implemented  virtual machines technology into the Mainframe operating system  It is exactly the concept  of  large secure centralized computing power with mass  data storage that has become the prototype of  today’s concept of cloud.