Our mission


sisyphus2Nowadays we see that both individuals as well as people in companies complain about poor quality of  IT systems, high prices, broken promises, complicated manuals  , etc. … The employees  often have to slavishly do the repetitive work without having someone in charge who would think  about how   „ to let the IT do it“. We would like to improve the image of  IT    because we believe that IT is mainly about people  and  many problems  can be solved thanks to better  and more  effective communication.

What we want

success-512Our aim is to assist clients who are aware of the benefits of „good  IT“ but they do not have enough  resources , either human or financial, for it. We would like to help them so that IT will not be on the last „place of  honour“….

We do not offer big projects, but small hints and ideas that do not cost a lot but at the same time they can save a lot. We believe that   this is the right way into the future.

Observed in everyday life

In many companies people are annoyed with the system they use as it cannot be controlled and it does not meet their requirements . It brings problems rather than benefits. However, since it is still „working somehow“, nothing happens. In the course of time a tension may be arising out of it and this will have to be solved one day. It obviously does not pay to delay solving the above mentioned problems as the final damages arising from this may be much higher than the price for offered assistance, not to speak of the accompanying stress… And yet so little would be enough – ask for an expert´s advice and assistance and not trying  to be an expert in everything by yourself.