Personel costs

The operation of any information system cannot work without qualified personnel. Skilled IT professionals are among the best paid workers in the society and if the company wants to retain top professionals who,  on top of this, are loyal to the company,  it  must be dolaceprepared to pay them adequately. Moreover, it is necessary to train these specialists continuously as the innovation cycle in IT is being constantly shortened. If the company requires the skills of these specialists at the current technology level, it must invest heavily in their continuous training. IT personnel costs can therefore be described as significant and often even as high. The transition to cloud services enables substantial savings on IT staff  because the entire operation, administration and maintenance of information systems needed for the operation of central applications is fully controlled by cloud service providers. A customer using cloud services does not need a team of specialists for each area, providing the operation of his own information system. Cloud services provider must also employ teams of IT specialists, but for him this is the main subject of his business. Since such a provider and operator of cloud services generally owns a robust infrastructure it is in his interest to offer the services to as many customers as possible. Thus the IT specialists working for the cloud service provider can be used more effectively. Higher economic efficiency can then be projected in pricing various cloud services. Paradoxically, there has been a lot of resistance to the introduction of cloud technologies exactly among IT specialists. Cloud, as a new technology is very attractive, but the conventional IT specialist feels existentially threatened (partly justified) by this technology. The issue of the potential transition of information systems to the cloud must be communicated to the company management in a very comprehensive and sensitive way to prevent undesirable situations and non-standard  behaviour of  IT specialists. Thus it can be claimed seriously that  the transition of information systems to the cloud platform  will lead to a significant personnel costs reduction.