Cloud as a IT Philosophy

Information technology that currently operates in the business sector  primarily focuses on  users accounts , data  and technical infrastructure administration. The infrastructure itself is complex, enclosed in an isolated system, its management is complex, requiring highly39414c_d73af7f40e344876839bb9f29c0387e7 skilled personnel. Requirements  on utility IT staff are exceptionally high while the innovative technological cycles are being constantly significantly reduced and this requires constant training and retraining of workers. Strictly speaking, the creative potential of  IT specialists is currently hampered by the extensive interpretation and reporting essentially historical data. Such a philosophy of  IT systems can be safely termed as IT of the past

Recent IT development has shown fundamental  changes. Nowadays, all users of information systems, either customers or employees of the  IT service provider, require reliable and especially instant access to applications and data,  primarily from mobile devices such as laptops, tablets or smartphones. They also require processing of the vast majority of customer and partner data  in real time in order to  create  immediately a sort of predictive model of requirements and market behaviour in the near future. The life cycle of business applications continues to shorten and thus the market dynamics requires shorter development cycle of new applications, responding to market demands.  Thus the current IT in companies and firms should therefore be considerably adaptive, and should provide almost instant access to inexpensive and elastic computing, storage and network infrastructure, which is however in contrast with the technical and economic planning in the commercial sphere.