Data Storage without Stress


It is good to have the head in the clouds

You know such situations,  you want to present to your family to nice pictures from holiday, to watch a favorite movie or continue working on an extremely important project and suddenly you are not able to read the data ? If not, then congratulations to you . But Murphy’s laws are applied apply always and everywhere and you have just lost your precious data. Experts recommends: backup, backup, backup … But personally it cannot happen, I own  branded equipment from a reputable manufacturer, the device is still under warranty … and then appears a horrible message “Disk failure”.  At that moment, you are able to sacrifice anything to have your data available. To start again to work on the project for several months with tensing terms? Or pictures of children, their first steps, first cycling or skiing? Son’s graduation ceremony where the whole family, even with old uncle Jeremiah? These are important memorable moments, events and such loss of them could be very painful.

But not everything may be lost. In up to 80% of such cases there is possible to save and restore data from failed discs. Just need to know, how to do it. In such a situation, we can help with data recovery (also from low-end multi disc data storages) and even support you with professional advice on how to avoid such situations.

For example, imagine that you lose your laptop with corporate data and applications. Today, such a notebook can be written-off, but what about the content ? Simply take a new laptop, connect to your cloud and restore all the data and applications simply by downloading back in a short time. Such solutions are now quite common. Even with such a solution we can help and recommend an optimal solution for your needs.

Another situation,  you need to optimize your IT operating costs to be more effective and competitive without lowering the service quality ? Do you want to ensure the security of your valuable data in accordance with the world standards  and  the current legal regulations?  If  yes,  we have the right solutions for you.

Don´t hesitate to contact us. We can help You. Sure.