Migration to the cloud

 IT migration to the cloud is the most critical, the most complex process  and the most expensive one as well. The vast majority of large companies operate the software solutions developed directly for them  and generally  not  available from providers of cloud services, Best-Free-Servicesin their internal infrastructure. Another  factor affecting the transfer of the company’s internal infrastructure to the cloud is the interconnection  of individual information systems.  To achieve identical internal interconnection of information systems in the cloud is a big challenge. It is the availability of applications that are fully functional in the cloud and their integration according to the client´s requirements that represents one of the highest expense items when migrating  IT infrastructure to the cloud. Therefore, the price of the migration itself is to be well considered before migrating the IT infrastructure into the cloud environment.

In the past the company spent a lot for the existing infrastructure and the migration to the environment close to the existing structure requires additional financial resources

Recent experience has shown that when transferring the application developed for the specific requirements  into the cloud environment  it is inevitable to reckon with the development of a new application.

The companies have slowly learned that technology and data  do not have to have under their own roof . Or, if necessary, it is always possible to find a compromise between what the company needs to have at home and what  can be effectively rented  from the cloud. Thus the offer of all types of cloud services has  been growing. The initial costs of using the cloud can still be high due to the integration among applications, especially when migrating existing, more complex applications. These costs are usually significantly lower for the newly developed applications whose  design and architecture  is designed  to operate in the cloud. The costs of migration of  either a part or  of the whole  IT environment to the cloud may discourage the company from transferring to the cloud, so it is recommended  to itemize ROI  costs of the transition to the cloud in detail. High quality ROI analysis can be a decisive factor for the company managers when considering  the adoption of strategic decisions  on the future company development

To make your decision making easier, we recommend the publication “Migrating to the Cloud” by Dr. Tobias Hollwarth where you can find all relevant information that can help you make the right decisions.