Economy and cloud

Main benefits of the cloud as an IT platform can be defined by three S: Start, Scalability and Saving. These three points deal with the  benefits of cloud infrastructure for companies. They do not need to set up their own infrastructure, special server, communicationeurase infrastructure, disk arrays, backup power, air condition. Using cloud they are able to start their IT operations right away. The companies can scale the infrastructure  as required. However, there are even other benefits of cloud technologies. These have not been discussed so often as they are  not presented by numbers or statistics. From the point of view  of  companies , cloud is an instrument  enabling  the managers to stop worrying about issues that are not directly related to the nature of their main business.  At business meeting there is no need to deal with  IT, what is IT doing, its current operational problems and  purchase of new  infrastructure components. Thus they can devote to their main business. Infrastructure and information technology management  have no more been limited to the question whether the server and the system are  or are not  working properly.